Meaning of kyu in English:


Pronunciation /kjuː/


  • 1A numbered grade of the less advanced level of proficiency in judo, karate, and other martial arts.

    ‘Yes, we require a certain number of practice hours and a test for promotion to kyu and dan ranks.’
    • ‘He then informs the Hombu Dojo of the result of kyu testing using this form here.’
    • ‘We frequently hold study seminars and workshops, at which we also try to conduct much of our kyu and dan ranking.’
    • ‘A good performance from Andy Bennett earned him a bronze medal in the men's lightweight kyu grade section.’
    • ‘I should mention that in Canada the full range of kyu grade belt colors is used, whereas in Japan only white and brown are used.’
    1. 1.1A person who has achieved a kyu.
      • ‘So I remember these two women when they came to the dojo early on when I was a 4th kyu.’


From Japanese kyū ‘class’.