Meaning of kyudo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkjuːdəʊ/


mass noun
  • The Japanese martial art of longbow archery, incorporating set rhythmic movements and practised in a meditative state.

    ‘Next to kyudo, iaido is probably the most esoteric martial art form.’
    • ‘She has also studied, to varying extents, kendo, jodo (short staff), kyudo and naginata (halberd).’
    • ‘Iaido and kyudo are perhaps the best vehicles of the Japanese martial arts for meditative contemplation because of their essentially solitary nature.’
    • ‘Aikido, kyudo and iaido allow almost religious experiences in the focus and flow of executing techniques.’
    • ‘Arts like kyudo create a special atmosphere that, to me, is ample justification for practicing them.’


Japanese, literally ‘way of the bow’, from kyū ‘bow’ + dō ‘way, method’.