Meaning of labially in English:



See labial

‘Each tab is sized and fastened to the wire mesh to permit the dentist to pull labially on the tab, forcing the wire mesh into interproximal spaces, against the lingual surfaces, in spite of crowding.’
  • ‘It was also seen that the tooth was placed too labially to attempt a closed eruption technique as the placement of orthodontic button would not allow primary flap closure.’
  • ‘The lower Incisor teeth in the Lengua, but not the upper ones, are more labially inclined than those of the Caucasoids.’
  • ‘Viewed labially, the cusp is often skewed to one side or the other but the lateral profile remains stable.’
  • ‘After the labially impacted maxillary canine has been uncovered, the tooth must be moved into the dental arch.’