Meaning of laboriously in English:


Pronunciation /ləˈbɔːrɪəsli/

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  • In a way that takes considerable time and effort.

    ‘the boys were laboriously copying down sentences from the blackboard’
    • ‘she breathed slowly and laboriously’
    • ‘As a journalist, he is perhaps more adept at mining memories than laboriously sifting through archives.’
    • ‘She moved slowly; beckoning her limbs to life, she crawled laboriously along the cavern floor.’
    • ‘Economic policy is still laid down in laboriously negotiated five-year plans.’
    • ‘Each page was laboriously copied by hand, spanning over a thousand pages.’
    • ‘The image was generated by a calculation that could have been done by hand, albeit more laboriously.’
    • ‘He could discharge a stream of accurately aimed arrows while a Ranger laboriously reloaded his rifle.’
    • ‘Blood stained his tunic and he was breathing laboriously.’
    • ‘The ancient, dusty floorboards groaned miserably as he laboriously climbed off his mattress.’
    • ‘Laboriously I checked their ages, starting at the beginning of the alphabet.’
    • ‘I write slowly and laboriously, unlike a lot of my fellow bloggers.’