Meaning of labour of love in English:

labour of love


  • A task done for pleasure, not reward.

    ‘he spent eight years rebuilding the house—a labour of love’
    • ‘You're right, it was a labor of love.’
    • ‘These and the other films scheduled have all been labours of love.’
    • ‘Since I usually get paid by the word (except for labours of love, of course, like this review), I'm all in favour of that.’
    • ‘Providing care to a partner or family member, while often a labor of love, requires the skill and grace to ensure your own mental and physical well-being.’
    • ‘Yes, some sites are probably close enough to labours of love, created by people who have genuine day jobs who don't appear to be too interested in branching out on their own.’
    • ‘It was a labour of love, and he liked to keep his mind busy.’
    • ‘The garments on display in the North American clothing case (near the totem pole) were labours of love and skill.’
    • ‘They are labours of love with a strong sense of purpose.’
    • ‘But this is not all: there are many direct encouragements for our perseverance in these labours of love.’
    • ‘Ian, a former factory worker, said: ‘It took me a while but it's a labour of love really.’’