Meaning of labour under in English:

labour under

phrasal verb

  • 1labour under somethingCarry a very heavy load with difficulty.

    • ‘two servants appeared, labouring under the weight of a kitchen table’
  • 2labour under somethingBe misled by a mistaken belief.

    ‘you've been labouring under a misapprehension’
    • ‘I'm always open to listening to new artists, labouring under the belief that all artists were at some point new and that they had to be given their fair shake.’
    • ‘I think they are laboring under the belief that the state has put up everything they've got to show, that Amber's the icing on the cake.’
    • ‘I was marginally shocked when they sat down beside me; I was still labouring under the belief that guys were way too cool to sit cross - legged, especially on the grass.’
    • ‘He hoped they were laboring under that belief because there was something he had to get before he could leave town.’
    • ‘Chances are you've been laboring under the misguided belief that you're an artist.’
    • ‘Many individuals labor under the mistaken assumption that they already know a great deal about film, television, and the other mass media simply because they view and use them all the time.’
    • ‘Today, many of us labor under the mistaken notion that natural wood is by its nature preferable to painted wood, no matter what.’
    • ‘They appear to labour under several misapprehensions.’
    • ‘We are labouring under the illusion that we are in control and free of constraints when in truth we are out of control and morally bankrupt.’
    • ‘Here I am labouring under the misconception that progress regarding our treatment and understanding of others, and otherness, had been made.’
    suffer from, be a victim of, be burdened by, be overburdened by, be disadvantaged by, be under