Meaning of lac insect in English:

lac insect


  • An Asian scale insect which lives on croton trees and produces secretions that are used in the production of shellac.

    Laccifer lacca, family Lacciferidae, suborder Homoptera

    ‘The traditional use of rearing lac insects on the stem of the pigeonpea plant also continues.’
    • ‘The life cycle of a lac insect takes about six months and consists of four stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult.’
    • ‘Lac is a resinous substance produced by a female lac insect and found abundantly in the plain forests in India.’
    • ‘Pigeonpea was once widely grown in China as a host for lac insects, the source of shellac.’
    • ‘The dry and hot valley of the Honghe River in Yunnan is the best place suitable to the growth of lac insects and the best region for high grade lac production.’
    • ‘The local farmers raise lac insects on the natural host trees and intercrop agricultural crops under the host trees as well.’
    • ‘The natural coloration of lac residue is greatly influenced by the sap consumed by the lac insect and the season of the harvest.’
    • ‘The lac insect sucks the sap from small branches of the Kusumi tree, then secretes through its pores the lac resin.’
    • ‘Because the lac insect is sedentary, densities on branches can become very high.’
    • ‘In this paper, the species resources and genetic diversity of lac insects were briefly introduced, and the lac productive model was also put forward.’
    • ‘Also, as lac insects are cultured on host trees, promotion of lac and its culture helps in eco-system development as well as reasonably high economic returns.’
    • ‘Methods of improved control of lac parasites and of preventing the lac insect from developing as a pest on non-host species need further study.’
    • ‘The lac insect is found largely on banyan and juniper trees.’
    • ‘Beneficial relationships involve those with silk worms, cochineal beetles, honey bees, lac insects, tropical butterflies and food items, such as lepidopteran caterpillars, or grasshoppers.’
    • ‘The lac insect is also used in used in varnishes and polishes.’
    • ‘Reports from Thailand indicate that the lac insect became a serious pest of fruit trees, so much so that the insects had to be controlled by chemical and bio-control methods!’
    • ‘Insects such as houseflies, bedbugs, locusts, butterflies, honeybees, silkworms, lac insects etc. are well known to mankind, largely due to their economic importance.’
    • ‘This hard resinous coating originates from the plant sap metabolized by the lac insect.’