Meaning of laccolith in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlakəlɪθ/


  • A mass of igneous rock, typically lens-shaped, that has been intruded between rock strata causing uplift in the shape of a dome.

    ‘Nearby Lime Butte, Gypsum Butte, and Green Mountain are all laccoliths with varying degrees of exposure.’
    • ‘Based on the position of the dikes, where was the source of the magma for the laccoliths located?’
    • ‘The larger area below the laccolith could cover an area as large as several states.’
    • ‘This age is essentially identical with the rhyodacite laccoliths in the Grosvenor Hills intrusion which are also reversely polarized.’
    • ‘The three laccoliths in this famous group were not all created at the same time.’


Late 19th century from Greek lakkos ‘reservoir’ + -lith.