Meaning of lace bug in English:

lace bug


  • A small plant-eating bug that has a raised netlike pattern on the wings and upper surface.

    Family Tingidae, suborder Heteroptera: several genera

    ‘If populations are low, a high-pressure garden hose can be used to wash the lace bugs off the plant.’
    • ‘At least 17 species of lace bugs cause damage to ornamental trees and shrubs in the United States.’
    • ‘Routinely check azaleas for lace bugs, and initiate treatments if significant numbers are detected.’
    • ‘Sycamore lace bugs attack sycamore primarily, but they may also infest ash, hickory, and mulberry.’
    • ‘Repeated applications of some insecticides may be needed to control lace bugs effectively.’
    • ‘The walnut lace bug feeds almost exclusively on black walnut and is found throughout the range of black walnut.’
    • ‘There are several generations of lace bugs each year, so they keep attacking the plant.’
    • ‘As a result of their feeding on the underside of the leaf, most people do not see lace bugs until damage is visible.’
    • ‘When natural enemies are present, lace bugs generally cause little damage to the plant.’
    • ‘Look for cast nymphal skins, black colored nymphs, adult lace bugs with clear ‘lace-like’ wings and excrement on the underside of the leaves during late July through mid-August.’