Meaning of lace glass in English:

lace glass


mass noun
  • A type of Venetian glass, having designs resembling lace.

    ‘By the 16th century, turning from enamel, glass blowers were getting their effect from glass alone, embedding canes of opaque white glass to form latticelike patterns, or trapping pockets of air between the rods of glass to make Venice's famed lace glass.’
    • ‘Many of the bowls I have made lately are experiments in the use of this lace glass.’
    • ‘I was strongly impressed by the beauty of lace glass especially.’
    • ‘He refers to his signature work as lace glass, a 17th century Venetian technique characterized by a symmetrical black grid pattern on clear glass, with minute air bubbles centered in each opening.’
    • ‘The so-called lace glass has a sheen like silver, and appears to be covered with frosty stars.’