Meaning of laced in English:


Pronunciation /leɪst/


  • Trimmed or fitted with lace or laces.

    ‘heavy laced boots’
    • ‘Osa and Martin Johnson dressed in riding breeches, laced boots, and pith helmets.’
    • ‘Yet another contestant wore a long skirt with laced patterns on the top.’
    • ‘Jaime straightened out her plaid red skirt, and put on her fishnet stockings with her knee high laced boots.’
    • ‘The men were mainly dressed in loose robes and laced leather boots.’
    • ‘His pant were tight enough that he could fit his knee-high, steel-toed, laced boots over them.’
    • ‘The British designer tucked striped trousers into laced boots and teamed them with long jackets and woolen cardigans.’
    • ‘She twisted her laced handkerchief into a knot then cast her nervous gaze out the window.’
    • ‘She fiddled with the buckles dangling from her black laced skirt.’
    • ‘The brides looked resplendent in red shararas while the grooms were dressed in long Indian coats, and laced caps.’
    • ‘Kate ignored him, and continued to rearrange her wine-red plunging v-neck slip dress with laced edging.’
    • ‘Their flesh was tightly wrapped in fishnets and short, short skirts, with laced bras on top.’
    • ‘He tossed me a laced white shirt and tan breeches.’