Meaning of lacertid in English:


Pronunciation /ləˈsəːtɪd/


  • A typical lizard of a large family (Lacertidae ) to which most European lizards belong.

    ‘Lacertid scalation and body forms are similar to those of the teiids, although lacertids are usually smaller.’
    • ‘Despite this ecological variation, lacertids do not display an equivalent amount of anatomical variation.’
    • ‘Differences in data collection make direct comparisons between lacertids, gymnophthalmids, and teiids difficult.’
    • ‘Second, our work with lacertids helped make us both keenly aware of the importance of phylogeny and phylogenetic control in comparative biology.’
    • ‘The slender body, well-developed limbs and long tail of most species are indicative of the superior sprinting abilities of lacertids.’


Late 19th century from modern Latin Lacertidae (plural), from Latin lacerta ‘lizard’.