Meaning of lacertilian in English:


Pronunciation /ˌlasəˈtɪlɪən/


  • A reptile of the suborder Lacertilia; a lizard.

    ‘Among prehistoric lacertilians were the gecko Ardeosaurus and the monitor Megalania.’
    • ‘Supposed lacertilian tracks have been reported from a single site in the Navajo.’
    • ‘This page gives you lots of information, with pictures, of the various kinds of lacertilians.’
    • ‘Certain lacertilian species such as the lacertid, and insects such as the mantis, possess a third eye, known as the parietal eye.’
    • ‘There are 37 species (3 crocodilians, 8 chelonians, 14 lacertilians and 12 ophidians) distributed in 30 genera recorded so far.’


  • Relating to or denoting lacertilians.

    ‘Of greatest interest here, however, is the function of the lacertilian mesotarsal joint.’
    • ‘In this pattern the tarsus of diadectids most closely approximates the lacertilian mesotarsal joint in structure and probable function.’
    • ‘Therefore, following the convention used by Rewcastle, the immobile, unified lacertilian crus-astragalocalcaneum will be referred to here as simply the crus.’