Meaning of lacing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈleɪsɪŋ/


  • 1mass noun The laced fastening of a shoe or garment.

    ‘they struggled with each other's clothing, tearing at the lacing’
    • ‘the elaborate lacings of his shirt’
    • ‘In addition, it makes the corset look ‘finished’ when the lacings are not totally closed.’
    • ‘Because the lacings had been moved to either the back or front, a stomacher was worn to hide them.’
    • ‘Also, corsets with side lacings can be more readily adjusted for a custom fit than can corsets with just one adjustment point in the back.’
    • ‘It turns out, however, that shorter lacings are possible if the lace doesn't have to pass alternately through the eyelets on the left and right side of the shoe.’
    • ‘And then his hands moved to the side lacings of her dress.’
    • ‘This ‘snap’ would soon supplant the button, the clasp, straps, and lacings as the primary method of fastening gloves.’
  • 2Lace trimming, especially on a uniform.

    • ‘Her face was bathed in dappled sunlight through the lacing of the parasol.’
  • 3A dash of spirits added to a drink.

    • ‘black coffee with a generous lacing of rum’