Meaning of lactam in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlaktam/


  • An organic compound containing an amide group —NHCO— as part of a ring.

    ‘Among studies with different lactams, the monotherapy lactam provided broader coverage than the combination lactam in 13 studies, the opposite occurring in two studies.’
    • ‘We included nine randomised controlled trials eight of which compared a lactam antibiotic with a lactam and aminoglycoside.’
    • ‘It consists of a nitrogen mustard (alkylating molecule) bound to a modified steroid, a lactam, characterized by the group - CO-NH, via a phenylacetic bond and has been synthesized in pure form.’
    • ‘We therefore assessed penicillin resistance against the prescribing of phenoxymethylpenicillin, all penicillins, and all lactams, and erythromycin resistance against the prescribing of erythromycin and all macrolides.’
    • ‘To date, no randomized, placebo-controlled trials of inhaled [beta] lactams have been reported, and thus it is not possible to evaluate the efficacy and safety of this antibiotic class.’


Late 19th century blend of lactone and amide.