Meaning of lactescent in English:


Pronunciation /lakˈtɛs(ə)nt/


  • 1Milky in appearance.

    ‘When the crystallization has terminated, the autoclave is cooled and a lactescent suspension is discharged.’
    • ‘In the file sheet 1, a plurality of square recesses 4, which serve as portions for receiving films, are arrayed in a transparent or lactescent planar square plastic sheet 3.’
    • ‘Just looking at the lactescent SavMart or the uninhabited appearance of Sy's apartment is enough to make you feel hollow inside.’
    • ‘When an alcoholic patient presents with AP and has either an elevated TG level or a lactescent serum, it is difficult for the physician to decide whether HTG or pancreatitis was the initial event.’
    • ‘When the triglyceride level is above 4,500 mg per dL, as in this patient, the serum is described as lactescent (milk-like).’
    1. 1.1Botany Yielding a milky latex.
      • ‘It is brownish-yellow outside, whitish and lactescent within, having an acrid taste and disagreeable odour.’


Mid 17th century from Latin lactescent- ‘being milky’, from the verb lactere, from lac, lact- ‘milk’.