Meaning of lactobacillus in English:


Pronunciation /ˌlaktəʊbəˈsɪləs/

nounplural noun lactobacilli/ˌlaktəʊbəˈsɪlʌɪ/

  • A rod-shaped bacterium which produces lactic acid from the fermentation of carbohydrates.

    Genus Lactobacillus; non-motile Gram-positive bacteria

    ‘Then a starter culture of lactic streptococci and lactobacilli bacteria is added.’
    • ‘In my practice, I find that most bloated stomachs are caused by ‘bad’ bacteria in the gut, which you can combat by having a small pot a day of live natural yoghurt containing the probiotic bacteria lactobacilli, bifidus or acidophilus.’
    • ‘These are likely to be unhelpful to women with bacterial vaginosis because the lactobacilli are directed at the wrong anatomical site and are of the wrong kind.’
    • ‘The former tended to have a flora similar to that typical in western Europe during the 1970s, including a preponderance of lactobacilli and eubacteria, while the latter tended to have more clostridia species, including C. difficile.’
    • ‘This is a condition marked by lowered naturally present vaginal lactobacilli and an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria.’