Meaning of ladies who lunch in English:

ladies who lunch


informal, often derogatory
  • Women with both the means and free time to meet socially for lunch in expensive restaurants.

    • ‘these forgotten types, the ladies who lunch and underwrite foundling hospitals’
    • ‘We went into Frasers for tea, at the time the store's restaurant was quite posh and packed with those ladies who lunch - ie, women who don't work for a living but shop every day and drink coffee with their friends.’
    • ‘Employing a designer, meanwhile, is often perceived as an expensive luxury indulged in by ladies who lunch and those intent on keeping up with the Joneses.’
    • ‘For example, rocket was hugely popular in Elizabethan England but then died out in Britain before rising phoenix-like in the 1990s to became the darling of the ladies who lunch.’
    • ‘The Nayeb restaurant has been in business for 80 years, but was recently revamped and is full of well-heeled businessmen, secular politicians and ladies who lunch.’
    • ‘So popular did this simple but charming French bistro become that it was routinely referred to as ‘the canteen’ by the Spectrum ladies who lunch.’
    • ‘That promotion was a huge hit with the ladies who lunch and achieved a notable upturn in the oh-so-discreet Howard's visibility with the Edinburgh public.’
    • ‘In addition to the black-tie horse shows that draw the ladies who lunch in all their finery, this year's fair features a rodeo in the centre ring.’
    • ‘Manchester foodies especially ladies who lunch - are relishing the prospect of a swish new eatery with Lakeland style stamped all over it.’
    • ‘It seems that fashion has become more democratic than ever, with anyone with a good eye and access to a second-hand shop able to hold her own with the ladies who lunch.’