Meaning of ladleful in English:


Pronunciation /ˈleɪd(ə)lfʊl/

nounplural noun ladlefuls

See ladle

‘Add the vermouth, garlic and cayenne, boil the liquid away and start adding ladlefuls of the seaweed and saffron-flavoured vegetable stock, stirring vigorously all the while to aid absorption and prevent sticking.’
  • ‘Once the chickpeas are tender, remove the herb sprigs (don't worry if the leaves have fallen off), and put four ladlefuls of the soup into a blender with two ladlefuls of very hot water.’
  • ‘Keeping the stock bubbling gently away in a pan beside the risotto pan, add one ladle at a time - adding only when the ladleful is absorbed - and stirring well.’
  • ‘Put the chocolate into a bowl, then stir in a ladleful of the sauce from the casserole.’
  • ‘I knew they were watching me as I crossed the room to the water pitcher, dipped a ladleful out of it.’