Meaning of ladrone in English:


Pronunciation /ləˈdrəʊn/


  • A highwayman or pirate in Spain or Spanish America.

    ‘I am conscious of the need for caution but have not allowed for the determination of Peru's ladrones.’
    • ‘Through the financial district, every bank bore graffiti labelling them ladrones.’
    • ‘He mentions having seen a Ladrone with his sword drawn and dripping with blood, engaged in pursuit of a villager.’
    • ‘The Ladrones never returned a single shot, but always kept in readiness to board.’
    • ‘The Ladrones were much exasperated, and determined to revenge themselves.’
    bandit, brigand, robber, outlaw, ruffian, desperado, plunderer, marauder, raider, ravager, pillager, freebooter, criminal, thug, gangster


Spanish ladrón ‘robber’, from Latin latro(n-).