Meaning of lads' mag in English:

lads' mag


(also lad mag)
informal British
  • A magazine aimed at young men, typically featuring interviews with and suggestive photographs of female celebrities together with articles on topics such as sports, cars, and popular culture.

    • ‘she went on to pose on the front of a lads' mag’
    • ‘The lads' mag beauty looked a million miles away from the stressed out state we saw on our screens.’
    • ‘The lads' mag favourite is also launching her very own bikini line.’
    • ‘Wearing a pair of retro bunny ears and looking over her shoulder in an extra tight black leotard, Kate smoulders on the cover of the lads' mag.’
    • ‘It was only going to be a matter of time before the glamour girl did a post-weight loss shoot in a lads' mag.’
    • ‘The stores will no longer sell the lads' mag after the title rejected an ultimatum to use 'modesty bags' or be removed from shelves.’
    • ‘Her boyfriend isn't exactly jumping for joy that Helen poses for the lad mags.’
    • ‘Lads' mags are not going to want a prim and proper girl.’
    • ‘The star showed off her hot curves in the new issue of the lad mag.’
    • ‘She's graced the front covers of more than a few lads mags.’
    • ‘Some shops have a policy of not selling some newspapers or lads mags to under 16's.’