Meaning of lady's maid in English:

lady's maid


mainly historical
  • A maid who attended to the personal needs of her mistress.

    ‘her great-grandmother had never dressed herself without the help of a lady's maid’
    • ‘In the upper left-hand corner a lady's maid hands her mistress a fan and a revolver to complete her attire.’
    • ‘Realizing that ‘there was a lot more to being a lady's maid than I had thought ’, she learns that ‘there was slips and stays and shifts and hose and garters, petticoats and drawers’.’
    • ‘Mary Ann was a lady's maid and she married John on 14 September 1806.’
    • ‘Visiting valets and lady's maids know their place and take on the names of their employers.’
    • ‘Gates thinks that she may have been Jane's replacement as lady's maid, serving the Wheeler household in 1856 and escaping the following year.’
    attendant, retainer