Meaning of lady's mantle in English:

lady's mantle


  • A herbaceous European plant of the rose family, with lobed rounded leaves and inconspicuous greenish flowers, and formerly valued in herbal medicine.

    Alchemilla vulgaris, family Rosaceae

    ‘Other locally common tannin-rich plants include blackberry, raspberry, rose, lady's mantle, agrimony, meadowsweet, and strawberry (all members of the rose family), geraniums, purple loosestrife, and sumacs.’
    • ‘Tom says lady's mantle and coral bells (Heuchera spp.) respond well to this treatment.’
    • ‘The leaf surfaces of lady's mantle are covered with small hairs, in addition to a waxy coating.’
    • ‘I believe this same phenomenon occurs on the leaves of the common perennial lady's mantle, to a very pleasing visual effect.’
    • ‘So far I'm still at the digging stage - blooms of Rosa Gloire de Dijon cascading over concrete, sprays of lady's mantle and carpets of autumn-flowering meadow-saffron exist only in my imagination.’