Meaning of ladyboy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈleɪdibɔɪ/


  • (especially in Thailand) a person who was born male but who adopts a female appearance or identity.

    ‘While many women discontinued their services along Beach Road, gays, ladyboys and ‘women of the second category’ did not.’
    • ‘If you don't know by now, there is a third sex in Thailand and some other Asian countries - the ladyboy.’
    • ‘On ‘Stronger Than Me’ she berates her passive boyfriend, calls him a ladyboy and mockingly inquires: ‘Are you gay?’’
    • ‘We left the joint soon after polishing off our free beers, not looking forward to once again having to push our way past a sea of groping ladyboys and crazy hookers again.’
    • ‘I was savouring a cocktail in a busy bar last night when I overheard a group of men saying some jolly unpleasant things about ladyboys (kathoeys).’
    • ‘With the Thai ladyboys, he certainly picked a subject well out of the ordinary, although Wilner does go to great pains to emphasise the acceptance of ‘women of the second order’ in the Thai society.’
    • ‘Four male dancers, two drag comediennes and about 10 ladyboys will be performing their tongue-in-cheek routines in a storm of colour, glitter and spectacular costumes.’
    • ‘I read with interest the letter from Frank Blanchard about how he feels ladyboys are being ‘attacked’ by letter writers and your editorial staff.’
    • ‘All over Asia, Pattaya is equated with ladyboys.’
    • ‘One would've imagined that an ability to distinguish ladyboys from genuine ladies is a minimum requirement for modern-day editorial work.’
    • ‘The performers include four Thai male dancers, two comedians and 10 ladyboys.’
    • ‘Here, cameras follow four of the ladyboys both at the festival and during their everyday lives as they shop for clothes and shoes.’
    • ‘As we headed out into the countryside, we talked about the usual - girls, football and ladyboys.’
    • ‘Some of the ladyboys were extremely beautiful and incredibly convincing.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, Beautiful Boxer is, in keeping with its title, beautifully shot and Asanee Suwan, himself a champion in the martial art of Muay Thai, puts in a credible performance as the delicate ladyboy with the lethal kick.’
    • ‘Nothing untoward has happened over there, only two of the men have spent a night in the ‘slammer’, and another one has been held captive by a Bangkok ladyboy - nothing strange there then.’
    • ‘The story goes that downtrodden Sophie works in a hat shop and one day meets the glamorous wizard Howl, a charming ladykiller who has garnered the reputation of eating girls' hearts, despite looking more like a ladyboy.’
    • ‘I would just like to say to Mr Griller that whilst I have not studied the ladyboy situation in Pattaya, I have however experienced the harassment they can cause.’
    • ‘The city is well known for its ladyboy clubs and red light districts, but not, as a few locals pointed out, any more than most large cities.’


Mid 19th century (in sense ‘effeminate boy or man’): in modern use a translation of Thai kathoey.