Meaning of laggardly in English:


adjective & adverb

See laggard

‘With a laggardly 21st place in the 2001 world broadband league table, and umpteen surveys highlighting the high levels of discontent over BT's installation and service performance, the telecoms giant is an easy target.’
  • ‘It also provides a further explanation for why the country's growth remains at a laggardly 2% - compared with the UK's 2.7%.’
  • ‘And his inherited wealth - not extravagant but more than sufficient - freed him from the pecuniary interests that tend to spur laggardly writers to action.’
  • ‘The only major disappointment was the browser's speed, which is limited by the laggardly data-transmission systems employed by the cellular networks.’
  • ‘Meanwhile, two civilian packers and their laggardly pack mules loaded with howitzer ammunition hove into sight from the south, hurrying to reach the command.’