Meaning of lagniappe in English:


Pronunciation /laˈnjap/


North American
  • Something given as a bonus or gratuity.

    ‘The couplings are lagniappes but damn good ones.’
    • ‘Nobody, but nobody did Debussy better than Stokowski and it is nice to have these lagniappes appended to the Holst.’
    • ‘I would have recommended this disc if the only thing on it was the Sibelius but you get two lagniappes.’
    • ‘That pearl of perspicacity was merely a lagniappe, an amuse-bouche to prepare our palates for the big revelation, to wit Spielberg's new project ‘aimed at tackling that lack of understanding’.’
    • ‘They are asking $20.00 for each two-disc set and will throw in a lagniappe for anyone who orders both sets: the US Premiere of Prokofiev's Alexander Nevsky!’
    • ‘The complete contents of Volume 2 are preserved on this CD, with ‘The Walk to the Paradise Garden’ thrown in as a lagniappe.’
    • ‘However, where Horowitz gives you mainly patrician elegance, Moravec seems to give you the lagniappe of something deeply felt as well, without wallowing in it.’
    • ‘I was introduced to blue board when I participated in decorating a set for the drama department - a little lagniappe or something extra, as we say in New Orleans.’
    • ‘The 103,91 Game 4 blowout was a lagniappe for the Lakers.’
    • ‘Having the Te Deum added is a wonderful lagniappe.’
    • ‘On the other hand, while this is a lagniappe much appreciated, you probably wouldn't purchase the set just for this 6-minute piece.’
    • ‘Vengeance for Niña and Allis would be a lagniappe.’
    • ‘The course gives her this and, yes, a little lagniappe.’
    • ‘From time to time, Sakurai-san would surprise us with a lagniappe of asparagus wrapped in beef or some similar tidbit.’
    • ‘The Butterworth is a nice lagniappe, but the main course is also the main reason for stopping by.’
    • ‘If your company works to provide service and value to its customers and to generate repeat business, lagniappe is the way to build customer loyalty.’
    • ‘As a nice bit of lagniappe, Pierian provides comparison recordings: Granados playing his own ‘free transcription’ of a Scarlatti sonata in a Welte-Mignon roll and an acoustic recording made at roughly the same time.’
    • ‘Lines of printed text were crossed out, and handwritten lagniappe, such as ‘temporal simultaneity’ and ‘space-time inversion null,’ had been added.’
    • ‘So, by way, of lagniappe, here's something I forgot to include: a mysterious volume that came to light during my extended bout of book-clearing.’
    • ‘Visitors to the altars are often given lagniappe (a sack of cookies and fava beans, a good luck charm) to take home.’
    reward, prize, award, recompense, remuneration, commission, consideration, premium, dividend, bonus, endowment, gratuity, tip, favour, donation, handout


Louisiana French, from Spanish la ñapa.