Meaning of lagoonal in English:



See lagoon

‘The Zinga 1 sequence is erosionally capped by Unconformity A, which is beneath the continental and/or the lagoonal deposits of the basal Zinga 2 sequence.’
  • ‘Here, specimens of the shallow subtidal-intertidal cockle Katelysia rhytiphora have moved up profile from lagoonal facies into advancing aeolian dune sediments.’
  • ‘The occurrence of this specimen in nearshore beach deposits is somewhat unusual, as articulated or associated remains of Cretaceous sea turtles are more commonly encountered in lagoonal or offshore marine shale and chalk.’
  • ‘The sequence represents deposition in a range of environments from brackish estuarine, through shallow evaporitic and sabkha settings, to near-normal marine lagoonal and subtidal conditions.’
  • ‘Lateral lithologic changes within the formation indicate changes in depth of the basin, from shallow, restricted, lagoonal conditions in the east to deeper, outer platform settings in the northwest.’