Meaning of Lagrangian point in English:

Lagrangian point

Pronunciation /ləˈɡrɒ̃ʒɪən/


  • One of five points in the plane of orbit of one body around another (e.g. the moon around the earth) at which a small third body can remain stationary with respect to both.

    ‘Its space segment will be composed of a group of X-ray telescopes based around one of the libration points or Lagrangian points.’
    • ‘Finding asteroids on Saturn's Lagrangian points is difficult and has not yet been accomplished.’
    • ‘Herschel, Planck and Gaia are all observatory missions that will be positioned at the Lagrangian point L2, 1.5 million kilometres behind Earth as seen from the Sun.’
    • ‘As an important side benefit, interplanetary trajectories that begin at Lagrangian points require very little fuel to reach other Lagrangian points or even other planets.’
    • ‘The WSO approach would put a UV-only telescope at the second Lagrangian point of the Earth-Sun system, with an optical design of the Ritchey-Chretien type and a 1.7-m hyperbolic primary mirror.’