Meaning of lahar in English:



  • A destructive mudflow on the slopes of a volcano.

    • ‘Some volcanic eruptions generate dangerous lahars (mud flows of volcanic ash mixed with water) that travel far beyond the volcano.’
    • ‘Continued growth increases the risk of partial dome collapse, which could trigger moderate explosions and possibly significant lahars (volcanic mudflows) from the crater.’
    • ‘Major valleys cutting the volcano's flanks have been partly or completely filled in by pyroclastic flow deposits and lahars.’
    • ‘Two bridges connect the town to the other side. The residents have only minutes to get across those bridges to escape potential lava flows, lahars, and mudslides.’
    • ‘Mudflows (also called debris flows or lahars, an Indonesian term for volcanic mudflows) are mixtures of volcanic debris and water.’


1920s from Javanese.