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Pronunciation /leɪdˈbak/

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  • Relaxed and easy-going.

    • ‘he was being very laid-back about it all’
    • ‘We both grew up there, and I'd say he's a typical Borders lad, very easygoing and laid-back.’
    • ‘You can see from this weekend that it's all very informal, with casual dress and a laid-back atmosphere.’
    • ‘It's such a laid-back, calm city and I felt very much at peace there.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, I'm grateful to be back in the laid-back peacefulness of my favourite University town.’
    • ‘Topsham is a real find, with both historical and maritime interest and a friendly, laid-back atmosphere.’
    • ‘Bunker is chic and arty without being too pretentious, and its friendly, laid-back vibe is infectious.’
    • ‘There is a laid-back informality to the food, which is mostly served in traditional Spanish baked clay bowls.’
    • ‘The lessons are geared towards beginners and the lessons are friendly and laid-back.’
    • ‘A tolerant, laid-back city, Beziers takes its wines and its festivals seriously.’
    • ‘So far, compared to Lord Hutton, he has taken a laid-back and leisurely approach.’
    • ‘Even at the best of times, Nicholls is hardly a model of laid-back insouciance.’
    • ‘He is known by those who have worked with him for his laid-back, friendly style.’
    • ‘Yet beneath the laid-back exterior, a lifelong love for playing sport still obviously burns away.’
    • ‘Some regulars enter and yell a greeting across to the staff, a group of personable, laid-back types.’
    • ‘It also lends a more laid-back and relaxed attitude to shopping.’
    • ‘So far, though, the inspectors themselves have displayed a rather more lenient, laid-back approach.’
    • ‘Despite a laid-back image, Mickelson is highly competitive and a keen betting man who wants to win every activity he tries.’
    • ‘The laid-back star, who turns 40 next year, swears she loves getting older.’
    • ‘We played as if everyone in the audience was really, really smart and laid-back and hip.’
    • ‘New Zealanders might be characterised as having a laid-back national psyche.’
    relaxed, at ease, easy-going, equable, free and easy, easy, casual, informal, friendly, nonchalant, insouciant, unexcitable, imperturbable, unemotional, unruffled, blasé, blithe, cool, collected, cool, calm, and collected, calm, composed, self-possessed, level-headed, self-controlled, unperturbed, unflustered, unworried, unconcerned, placid, peaceful, tranquil, serene, low-key, understated, downbeat
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