Meaning of lake dwelling in English:

lake dwelling


  • A prehistoric hut built on piles driven into the bed or shore of a lake.

    ‘Archaeological findings in a lake dwelling site near Dunshaughlin, Ireland, reveal remains of dogs with the same type of skull dating back to the 8th and 9th century.’
    • ‘Mushrooms and other large varieties of fungus have been eaten since earliest times, as traces of puffballs in the prehistoric lake dwellings of Switzerland, Germany, and Austria show.’
    • ‘Lochs, and Scotland has 30,000 of them, had defensive lake dwellings called crannogs, founded on timber piles.’
    • ‘It is one field away from the shores of Lough Gara, a lake in which there are an estimated 100 crannogs or lake dwellings that date from early Christian to mediaeval times.’
    • ‘Many of these lake dwellings were used during different time-periods, stretching from early medieval times up to the late medieval.’
    • ‘From this period the type of lake-dwelling known as the crannóg, wooden platforms built near the lake's edge, make their appearance.’