Meaning of laldy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlaldi/


mass nounScottish
  • A beating.

    ‘‘ Give him laldy!’ yelled a voice’
    • ‘Deafen and blind the Boks, then give them laldy.’


    give it laldy
    • Do something with vigour or enthusiasm.

      ‘some bairns were giving it laldy with ball and stick’
      • ‘Although he is said to be giving it laldy with the Church choir.’
      • ‘It's a soggy, there-goes-summer, completely unremarkable Tuesday night, the Chinese-and-chantering restaurant is packed, and Kathleen McDermott is, as they say, giving it laldy.’
      • ‘I was expecting to see 1994 footage of them playing ‘Shakermaker’ and ‘Supersonic’, giving it laldy.’
      • ‘The entertainment had a curiously old-fashioned air, the Maesteg Gleemen and Clydebank Male Voice Choirs giving it laldy.’
      • ‘He had some great turns and, later on, I remember he did a brilliant Maggie Mae, pulling out his braces like Rod and really giving it laldy.’
      • ‘They give The Spinner's Wedding laldy while Whaur Dae Ye Lie, Karine Polwart's powerful tribute to the women of Srebrenica, sung in the resonant confines of Miroslaw's ash wall, reduces most, including me, to tears.’
      • ‘Watching TV on New Year's Eve the presenter described Nicola Benedetti's performance at the opening of the new Scottish Parliament buildings as ‘Ge'in it laldy’.’
      • ‘How culturally myopic and utterly typical of broadcasting/political fears to see Gabriel and the Three Kings gie it laldy with their best ‘lowrd’ enunciation.’


Late 19th century perhaps imitative, or from Old English læl ‘whip, weal’.