Meaning of lamb's lettuce in English:

lamb's lettuce

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mass noun
  • A small blue-flowered herbaceous plant of dry soils, native to Europe and the Mediterranean and sometimes eaten in salads.

    Also called corn salad

    Valerianella locusta, family Valerianaceae

    ‘Until recently, mache - also known as lamb's lettuce or corn salad and a longtime staple in France - could be found here mainly in tony restaurants and upscale markets.’
    • ‘Serve with boiled new potatoes, lemon wedges and a salad of lamb's lettuce simply dressed with olive oil and lemon juice.’
    • ‘Valerianella locusta, also known as lamb's lettuce, a common and hardy wild plant of Europe, W. Asia, and N. Africa, has been cultivated in Europe since at least the 16th century and is naturalized in N. America.’
    • ‘Starters included shredded confit of duck with lamb's lettuce salad; buffalo mozzarella with spiced aubergine compote, tomato and rocket; and the smoked chicken with poached pear and a blue cheese dressing.’
    • ‘Popular in Europe and now grown in the United States, the salad green, also called lamb's lettuce, is dark green and packed with nutrients.’