Meaning of lambing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlamɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • The birth of lambs on a farm.

    ‘lambing begins in mid January’
    • ‘The Ministry of Agriculture and The Journal of Applied Ecology, UK both agree that in studies of upland lambing, lamb losses were unaffected by the presence of foxes.’
    • ‘Her husband Ian is manhandling sheep through wire fences for crutch shearing, ahead of lambing.’
    • ‘This eases the pressure on labour and reduces the demand for space at lambing in his sheep shed.’
    • ‘They should avoid contact with clothing, boots and utensils, which have come into contact with sheep at lambing, with newborn lambs, with aborted lambs or the afterbirth.’
    • ‘It is the season for lambing and sheep owners in the area are very worried as there have been a few small incidents already and they are hoping this will not happen again.’
    • ‘Out in freezing rain before dawn, out on winter nights for lambing and calving, hill farmers get back injuries, arthritis and lung disease.’
    • ‘This will allow farmers to shift animals from rented grazing land to pasture nearer home to supervise lambing or calving or turn out animals onto summer pasture from overcrowded steadings.’
    • ‘Orton-based Tony Hull, of Eden Media, who did Orton's millennium video, took out his camera in all weathers to capture such rites of passage as lambing, shearing and horn burning.’
    • ‘They come for the beauty and the peace and quiet; and still like to watch lambing and calving when possible.’
    • ‘They said they would like to visit a farm, especially during lambing, to get up close to some of the animals.’
    • ‘Anne Booth, who farms near Settle, is barely a quarter way through lambing but already has lost a number of healthy lambs to foxes, crows and, for the first time this year, badgers, which she believes have killed four lambs.’
    • ‘The good farmer who fed his ewes well before lambing rarely complained of foxes.’
    • ‘After years of cold winters and late, wet springs he delayed lambing by a few weeks.’
    • ‘Ewes heavy in lamb become very quiet, and near lambing are more vigilant and graze less.’
    • ‘This book is a revised edition that provides practical guidance and information on aspects of lambing and lamb care.’
    • ‘Pregnant women should avoid close contact with sheep and lambs during the lambing season.’
    • ‘Last week, I reported that a lady had been arrested because her Pyrenean mountain dogs had been worrying Owd Tom's ewes, a capital offence in the countryside with lambing about to start.’
    • ‘It is the first show of the season and I think everybody is ready for getting to a show after lambing, and it's nice to get out and meet people.’
    • ‘Landowners can apply for restriction orders for 28 days over the year to keep walkers out of their fields at sensitive times like lambing.’
    • ‘Even in a small flock like ours, where the ewes have access to pasture year round and give birth to their lambs on clean straw, the risk of disease around lambing time is a constant nemesis.’