Meaning of lambkin in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlamkɪn/


  • 1A small or young lamb.

    ‘Little lambkins and little piggy-wigs acquire a yellow ear-tag shortly after their arrival in the world, which permits them to be tracked from - well, not cradle to grave, so much as field to plate.’
    • ‘‘Perhaps,’ say I to myself, ‘it has not yet been discovered that the wolves have borne away the tender lambkin from the fold.’’
    • ‘Well worth the 12 leva, given that elsewhere you may well pay the same and be served nothing more the result of luring a poor lambkin into the kitchen and killing him with a flamethrower.’
    1. 1.1Used as a term of endearment for a young child.
      ‘‘Hush, my lambkin,’ she said, rocking the child in her arms’
      • ‘‘If I knew that this Marlin person would treat you like this, lambkins,’ she said, ‘I would have never suggested him.’’
      • ‘He allows us to entertain the notion along with Falstaff that the elevation of his tender lambkin, his sweet boy, to the throne will mean good times for all his old boon companions.’
      • ‘A side-effect of this calendar Viagra is the outbreak of pet-names, as revealed in a thousand Valentine newspaper messages: snuggle-wuggles, lambkin and the like.’