Meaning of lamellar in English:


Pronunciation /ləˈmɛlə/


See lamella

‘Michael's presentation was on ‘the use of lamellar liquid crystals as novel reaction media.’’
  • ‘The layer of polar lipid headgroups separates the apolar hydrocarbon core of the membrane from the surrounding aqueous phase and stabilizes its lamellar structure.’
  • ‘In the whole range of cholesterol concentration explored, the diffraction studies show a single lamellar phase with no evidence of a separation of extended domains.’
  • ‘The structural preference of lipid mixtures for the lamellar or hexagonal phase is dictated by the minimization of molecular free energies of the component molecules.’
  • ‘Cells that separated usually maintained their turgor and the separation process took place through progressive failure of middle lamellar material seen as strands between separating cells.’