Meaning of lamellipodium in English:


Pronunciation /ləˌmɛlɪˈpəʊdɪəm/

nounplural noun lamellipodia

  • A flattened extension of a cell, by which it moves over or adheres to a surface.

    ‘Many models are based on the fact that the actin polymerization is a major contributor to the protrusive force, which leads to the extension of the lamellipodia of crawling cells on a hard substrate.’
    • ‘In cells without a lamellipodium, the lamella reached all the way to the leading edge and the pattern of turnover did not deviate from its randomness, even in phases of pronounced protrusion.’
    • ‘In these motile cells, lamellipodia of various shape are continually extended in different directions.’
    • ‘More specifically, an increase in thermal fluctuations of actin filaments in the softer cells and the lamellipodium can expedite the intercalation of G-actin that leads to the enhanced protrusion.’
    • ‘Polymerization is thought to generate protrusive forces that push forth a lamellipodium and begin the cell motility cycle.’


1970s from lamella, on the pattern of pseudopodium.