Meaning of laminar in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlamɪnə/


  • 1Consisting of laminae.

    • ‘The lowest part consists of the mineral neomesselite, which has a delicate laminar or platelike structure.’
  • 2Physics
    (of a flow) taking place along constant streamlines, without turbulence.

    ‘Since air in laminar flow has a higher pressure than turbulent air, the laminar flow behind the ball creates less of a ‘sucking’ effect behind the ball which would substantially slow it down.’
    • ‘When I try to explain the boundary layer, laminar flow, turbulent mixing, entropy, and autopsies to them, there eyes just glaze over.’
    • ‘The flow was largely laminar, and the streamlines remained remarkably coherent and showed little deviation during the course of the experiment.’
    • ‘He studied the change in a flow along a pipe when it goes from laminar flow to turbulent flow.’
    • ‘This laminar flow means streams of fuel and oxidant can pass side by side without having a physical barrier in between.’