Meaning of Laminex in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlamɪnɛks/


mass noun Trademark ; Australian, New Zealand
  • A hard durable plastic laminate used as a surfacing material for worktops, tables, etc.

    ‘sprinkle vinegar over the Laminex, then wipe with a damp cloth’
    • ‘we bought a green Laminex table with chrome legs’
    • ‘I glued laminex to the body to provide a smooth surface.’
    • ‘He puts the packet on the green laminex table.’
    • ‘She scowled at her dirty old kitchen with its lime-green laminex.’
    • ‘It is a very simple room with laminex-topped tables.’
    • ‘They were sitting round a Laminex table.’
    • ‘He reckoned you could fix it up with a bit of paint and some new laminex.’
    • ‘The 220-branch retail network would enable him to sell more Laminex’
    • ‘The purpose-built fridge had marbled green laminex detailing.’
    • ‘There was a spacious galley with Laminex counters surfaces.’
    • ‘My mother belonged to the age of Laminex.’


1940s name invented by the manufacturers, from laminate.