Meaning of Lancashire hotpot in English:

Lancashire hotpot

Pronunciation /lankəʃəˈhɒtpɒt/


  • A stew of meat, onions, and potatoes, typically covered with a layer of sliced potato.

    ‘Somehow our Britishness had become concentrated in Singapore, so that despite the heat we each had a Lancashire hotpot with mashed potatoes, and discussed the London Underground in the Summer.’
    • ‘Two Burnley chefs took a taste of Lancashire to the troops when they cooked up a treat of traditional Lancashire hotpot.’
    • ‘This is how he cooks a Lancashire hotpot, adding kidneys and a little red wine to enrich the gravy, and topping with slices of King Edward potato.’
    • ‘There are also many specialities which exemplify economical ways with meat (with vegetables in a Lancashire hotpot, with plenty of potato in shepherd's pie) or offal.’
    • ‘The 4,000-calorie British armed forces meal packs are designed to last one person one day, with foods ranging from Lancashire hotpot and chicken curry to fruit dumplings with custard and Yorkie bars.’
    • ‘He tucked into a Lancashire hotpot, made in the soap by the pub's barmaid Betty Williams, played by actress Betty Driver.’
    • ‘Specialities include a range of artisan cheeses, home-made fresh crab patés and ready-made meals, such as pheasant with pickled walnuts and Lancashire hotpot with oysters.’
    • ‘Hancock said: ‘The night before he died, he went round the garden and we had Lancashire hotpot.’’
    • ‘Designed in partnership with nutritionists, the menus include such treats as chicken risotto, Lancashire hotpot and banana flan.’
    • ‘I ordered the Lancashire hotpot with soya protein, garden veg and mashed potatoes.’