Meaning of Lancastrian in English:


Pronunciation /laŋˈkastrɪən/

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  • 1A native of Lancashire or Lancaster.

    ‘He was born in 1981 in his mother's native Zambia, where his father, a Lancastrian, managed a coal mine.’
    • ‘And have you ever heard a Yorkshireman talk about a Lancastrian (both of whom are English)?’
    • ‘The burly Lancastrian threatened to hammer the South Africans last winter without ever delivering and was now facing a far weaker attack with his team in a strong position.’
    • ‘The events at Bolton are significant: the social group divided into Londoners and Lancastrians with Mr Burridge bridging the two groups relatively briefly.’
    • ‘A group of Lancastrians thought we were too tight to put a shilling in the meter!’
    • ‘Furthermore, since Lancastrians are unlikely to adopt the lifestyle of the Japanese, fewer than 1.5 extra patients can be expected to survive to 75.’
    • ‘And we want our products to be something Lancastrians can be proud of.’
    • ‘And don't even mention what Yorkshiremen think of Lancastrians!’
    • ‘Nevertheless, Bill showed the bravery for which Lancastrians are famous the world over, by grabbing the trusty broomstick to send the snake languidly on its way.’
    • ‘After centuries of carping prompted by an understandable inferiority complex, Lancastrians are coming to accept that Yorkshire knows best.’
    • ‘Thousands of Lancastrians are being denied the joys of the Yorkshire Dales because of poor trans-Pennine rail links, it was claimed yesterday.’
    • ‘Now a gaffe by the Highways Agency and the county council has left Lancastrians open to gibes from their Yorkshire neighbours.’
    • ‘He has much in common with his predecessors: he is a no-nonsense Lancastrian like Atherton, an attacking opener like Gooch and Alec Stewart and the team's star batsman like David Gower.’
    • ‘My husband, being a Lancastrian, maintains that no one else makes the authentic article, so we were very disappointed when our normal supplier told us he could no longer obtain it.’
    • ‘Smith, a Lancastrian who moved to Scotland some 20 years ago, is himself a cameraman and is now the most ardent advocate of the new technology north of the Border.’
    • ‘Poor Mr Willis - as a Lancastrian, living 15 miles outside the constituency at Rufforth, near York, he must feel like an alien.’
    • ‘England does not possess a more admirable competitor and the doughty Lancastrian has been cruelly served by umpiring standards in this series.’
    • ‘And they were quick to defend the noble white rose yesterday, especially after it was revealed voters had chosen to leave rival Lancastrians with their red rose.’
    • ‘Friends last saw the Lancastrian in a house in a beachside suburb of Bondi, from where she sent a text message to her housemate.’
    • ‘They are closely followed by Lancastrians with an average spend of £166, with Londoners, who prefer to be out on the town socialising, nearer the national average.’
  • 2 historical A follower of the House of Lancaster in the Wars of the Roses.

    ‘Warwick, Clarence, Lancastrians, and dissident Yorkists returned to England and sent Edward IV fleeing to his ally, the duke of Burgundy.’
    • ‘They returned Henry VI to the throne in 1470, but in 1471 the Yorkists defeated the Lancastrians at the battle of Tewkesbury and killed Henry VI's heir, Edward, Prince of Wales.’
    • ‘The Yorkists defeated the Lancastrians at the Battle of Barnet in the War of the Roses.’
    • ‘Meanwhile a legion of Scottish reinforcements was descending to aid the Lancastrians of Alnwick Castle.’
    • ‘While he did not appear to have been particularly opposed to the Lancastrians, he did object to the taxes that Henry IV was making on the Church and its lands.’


  • Relating to Lancashire or Lancaster, or the House of Lancaster.

    ‘Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond, claimed Lancastrian ancestry to the throne.’
    • ‘Edward was capable of great energy in moments of drama; but he lacked the discipline and patience of his Lancastrian forbear.’
    • ‘Adam Scott, the 23-year-old Aussie with Lancastrian roots, was considered an outsider until his magnificent victory in the Players' Championship at Sawgrass 10 days ago.’
    • ‘I wrote a story last month about an 80-strong party of elderly Lancastrian golfers who were turned away from York by the larger hotels - over fears they would be too rowdy.’
    • ‘Some rare and traditional Lancastrian apple varieties, such as Duke of Devonshire and Golden Spire, will be grown at the park after they were transported from the Isle of Wight.’
    • ‘Hobson's Choice, a classic tale of Lancastrian life, is brought to the stage next month in this scene from Keighley Playhouse's latest production.’
    • ‘She took on Richard of York in the battle for the succession to the throne and often dictated Lancastrian war strategy.’
    • ‘It is a strong Catholic town with a mix of Irish and Lancastrian accents.’
    • ‘The Lancastrian revolution spawned its own discourse of resistance, and confirmed that the political sensibilities of ordinary people were quite capable of engaging with high matters of state.’
    • ‘The white roses were ripped up by angry Lancastrian horticulturalists, which lead to revenge attacks by white rose loving Yorkists.’
    • ‘The Wars of the Roses began in 1455 when the Duke of York and the Earl of Warwick raised an army to defeat and capture the Lancastrian king, Henry the Sixth, at St Albans.’
    • ‘Henry V's triumph at Agincourt in 1415 seemed to signal God's blessing on the usurping Lancastrian dynasty, but only 40 years later the rule of his son, Henry VI, collapsed into bloody civil war.’
    • ‘This is a uniquely Lancastrian event, a unique feature of the area's events calendar, a boost for tourism and great showcase for one of Bury's most famous products.’
    • ‘York itself was on the Lancastrian side and 1,000 men from the city went to the battle and did not return.’
    • ‘This is a uniquely Lancastrian event and a great showcase for one of Bury's most famous products.’
    • ‘Sitting on top of a Lancastrian hill, with astonishing views across the plains to Blackpool Tower, it is what greets visitors as the man himself opens the front door that gives the game away.’
    • ‘In the 1980s it succumbed too, merging with a Lancastrian brewer, which in turn was then swallowed by the giant Scottish & Newcastle.’
    • ‘And along with all the traditional Lancastrian dishes, and historic sights, Katherine says she will miss a good portion of fish 'n' chips.’
    • ‘He was rushing to make an important meeting in York after being led by the computer to its Lancastrian village namesake, Selby magistrates heard.’
    • ‘But Henry was anxious to promote his Lancastrian descent as this formed the basis to his royal claim.’