Meaning of lance corporal in English:

lance corporal


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  • A rank of non-commissioned officer in the British army, above private and below corporal.

    ‘He fought in the Tet Offensive in 1968 as a lance corporal with the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines.’
    • ‘Her mother married a dashing Jack-the-lad, who had been a lance corporal in the Royal Army Medical Corps in the war.’
    • ‘George Solomou is a lance corporal in the Royal Army Medical Corps, attached to the London Irish Rifles.’
    • ‘He was due to marry his fiancée Debbie this year and was promoted from the rank of lance corporal to corporal only days before his death.’
    • ‘The 39-year-old, who has been in the army since leaving school, was in the front of the lead vehicle being driven by a lance corporal with the Norwegian bomb disposal officer in the back.’
    • ‘During the Second World War, he was a lance corporal and PE instructor in the army, and once met his younger brother, Ronald, by chance in Cairo while they were both on war service.’
    • ‘Born in York in November 1907, he was called up into the Army in November 1939 and joined the Royal Army Service Corp, becoming a reluctant lance corporal.’
    • ‘Bob, himself a former soldier with 2 Signal Regiment based at Imphal Barracks in York, said his son was a lance corporal in the Royal Logistics Corps, working as a chef.’
    • ‘The father-of-three and former army lance corporal was more than two-and-a-half times over the drink drive limit.’
    • ‘The feelings of hundreds of family and friends were summed up by Wendy Schofield, 39, of Brookford Close, Burnley, whose husband Mark, 40, is a Territorial lance corporal.’
    • ‘Once in the war theater, the thinking goes, even a seasoned reporter will hug his favorite lance corporal's ankle for protection and file patriotic fluff.’
    • ‘He demonstrated personal courage in battle and was awarded the Iron Cross-First Class, relatively rare for a lance corporal.’
    • ‘When the lance corporal picked up that machinegun to save the lives of his fellow Marines, he had never fired a machinegun before.’
    • ‘Emmett, a former lance corporal, brought his Gordon Highlanders hat that he wore in the war with him to the service.’
    • ‘In trying to protect herself, the lance corporal caught her finger on the sharp edge, causing a wound which needed two stitches.’
    • ‘Stephen had the rank of lance corporal in the Signals, the section into which those with a scientific bent were traditionally placed.’
    • ‘When The Green Howards were evacuated from Dunkirk he was promoted to sergeant from lance corporal.’
    • ‘The former Royal Engineers lance corporal had 14 years' service with West Midlands Police.’
    • ‘Another, 21-year-old lance corporal, with the Irish Guards, has yet to be informed of the charge against him and has not yet been named.’
    • ‘I went through all the ranks from private to acting full colonel, but in retrospect the cushiest of all was unpaid acting lance corporal, which I held for my long journey on a troopship to the Middle East.’


Late 18th century on the analogy of obsolete lancepesade, the lowest grade of non-commissioned officer, based on Italian lancia spezzata ‘broken lance’.