Meaning of lancewood in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɑːnswʊd/


  • Any of a number of hardwood trees with tough elastic timber.

    a Caribbean tree (Oxandra lanceolata, family Annonaceae).
    a New Zealand tree (Pseudopanax crassifolius, family Araliaceae).

    ‘He is regenerating mahoe, karaka (called kopi in the Chathams), ribbonwood, matipo, karamu, nikau palms, lancewoods, and kowhai.’
    • ‘Then they went further north to a patch of regenerating nikau, kopi and lancewood trees.’
    • ‘The ground surface is a crumbly screed dotted with spinifex and occasional leopardwood and lancewood trees.’
    • ‘We also walk through a thick carpet of ferns and mosses, with peppertrees, lancewoods, and coprosmas overhead.’
    • ‘Garden designer Chris Paul drew a design for the mown areas, and suggested the cabbage trees and lancewoods to add height, says Kate.’
    • ‘A collection of native grasses, flaxes, hebes, Marlborough rock daisies and lancewoods was grown on in a spare vegetable plot.’
    • ‘You may have some evergreen sculptural natives such as astelias or lancewoods, which come to the fore in winter when the deciduous plants have died down.’
    • ‘Fire management requires consideration of the effect of the expected slow recovery rate of plant cover and the sensitivity to burning of species such as lancewood.’