Meaning of land drain in English:

land drain


  • A drain made of porous or perforated piping and placed in a gravel-filled trench, used for subsoil drainage.

    ‘We can't get vehicles up the hillside and if we go across our field it will destroy the land drain, which cost us 20,000, and their back gardens will be flooded.’
    • ‘The method of transferring the cream, by manipulating a grundy on the back of a van parked on a slope near a land drain was unsafe, and there had been no adequate risk assessment.’
    • ‘As underwater search teams began scouring a nearby watercourse - a land drain off Dane Park Road - land-based officers were searching the streets around Hotham Road North in west Hull.’
    • ‘The problem was that the leaking water was getting into the land drain and then flowing out.’
    • ‘The Environment Agency has been accused by conservationists of vandalism after agency workers stripped both banks of a land drain, endangering a protected colony of water voles.’
    • ‘Police divers have recovered more items - probably from the handbag of missing Rachel Moran - as the search of a land drain in Hull entered its second week.’
    • ‘The family of a missing woman was last night desperately clinging to the hope that she is still alive - despite police divers discovering her handbag and shoe in a land drain.’
    • ‘He complained that no enforcement action had been taken and said residents had to endure the stench of raw human sewage being pumped into a land drain as well as the smoke from the burning of scrap caravans.’
    • ‘The naked branches of the trees droop over the murky green waters of the land drain flowing straight through the heart of the estate.’
    • ‘They spend their days inching through murky land drains and searching sewers, groping through almost pitch blackness and making the grimmest of discoveries.’
    • ‘Last year we did have a problem with drainage, but NBH was quick to respond and installed land drains to the affected areas.’
    • ‘The problem is that pipes under the village are a series of land drains, many of which objectors believe are badly connected, broken and silted up, and they were designed to carry away rainwater - not sewage.’
    • ‘Around 30 officers are working on the inquiry, including police divers who have been searching land drains close to Hall Road and detectives who have checked all the houses Rachel would have walked past.’
    • ‘Work to repair the lake and improve the drainage in the park is now complete and areas where new land drains have been installed will be fenced off in August to prepare the ground for re-seeding in the autumn.’
    • ‘They appealed to farmers living around Owston Ferry, in North Lincolnshire, to check hay bales, land drains and ploughed fields for signs of disturbance.’
    • ‘To prevent pollution, the agency advises farmers to choose a flat site with no land drains nearby and leave topsoil in place, not creating earth banks to contain the silage.’
    • ‘He said land drains installed at a cost of £2,000 two years ago had failed after heavy rain fell on land that was already full of slow-draining water.’
    • ‘These two miles, give or take, lead you up Moor Lane through the torrent of water that seems to continually cascade down due to blocked land drains.’
    • ‘Police have spent the last few days using both the underwater search team and mounted officers to check rough ground and land drains in the area.’
    • ‘Mounted police continue to search open areas, while others look at areas like claypits and land drains running into the Trent.’