Meaning of land in in English:

land in

phrasal verb

  • land someone in somethingCause someone to be in a difficult or unwelcome situation.

    • ‘his exploits always landed him in trouble’
    • ‘Follow these precautions for the first few dates with anyone and you'll never land up in a sticky situation!’
    • ‘The fight got uglier when her husband and friend reached the spot and they all landed up at the police station.’
    • ‘What if the wind changes, and you land up somewhere that leaves you feeling unprepared?’
    • ‘Somehow the bill always lands up on the rate-payers' doormats!’
    • ‘The plot is all about the problems faced by an Indian youngster, Indrajeeth, who lands up in New York by accident.’
    • ‘He writes and strives for reforms in society and at one point, lands up in jail.’
    • ‘They lost everything, including several houses, and ended up homeless for a while before landing up in the flat.’
    • ‘I landed up at San Francisco around noon local time and then was led to the serpentine queue where visitors to the promised land (the modern one) were lined up.’
    • ‘Two months ago I landed up in a counselling centre in East London where I met Ash who was to be my future counsellor.’
    • ‘So - the expelled gang members became the criminal kings of the countries they landed up in.’
    bring, lead, drive, cause to be in, cause to arrive in