Meaning of land law in English:

land law


mass nounalso land laws
  • The law governing real property.

    ‘medieval land law’
    • ‘Sandinista land laws’
    • ‘My father was a solicitor, specialising in real property (i.e. land law - not exactly non-brainy work).’
    • ‘The system of registered title introduced the concept of absolute title into English land law, but by that time the rules of adverse possession were established on the basis of relative title.’
    • ‘So we'll have a separate, specialist Land Tribunal with international land law and other experts on it; that's the proposal and we expect that to be accepted.’
    • ‘Consider the significance of this when you are considering what topics to drop during revision - with a bit of luck, you can hawk beneficial interests round three exams, i.e. land law, equity and trusts and family law.’
    • ‘Exclusive possession de jure or de facto, now or in the future, is the bedrock of English land law.’
    • ‘But should the historical tie to land law be retained?’
    • ‘Now, it is the validity of that premise which seems to me to raise quite fundamental questions about land law.’
    • ‘Subsequent land law commonly regarded 160 acres or a quarter section as sufficient to sustain a homestead or yeoman farm.’
    • ‘Henry II's reforms regarding land law protected tenants against their lords, by allowing them to look to the lord's superior, the king.’
    • ‘Customary land law does not simply disappear with the introduction of freehold tenure or the establishment of contract production regimes.’
    • ‘Lawyers and agents secured quantities of land on a rising market by foreclosing on debts owed to them; some white and black landowners were barely literate and easy prey for those skilled in the complexities of land law and contract.’
    • ‘As its title suggests, the feudal system of land law will be abolished by The Abolition of Feudal etc Act 2000.’
    • ‘Landowners protected their interests by studying land law at the Inns of Court and by appointing qualified stewards to manage estates effectively.’
    • ‘There is reference to whales in Scottish land law going back to the Middle Ages, but nothing very precise when it comes to size.’
    • ‘This subject is a complex one, reflecting the complexity of English land law.’
    • ‘There are possibly millions of dollars involved, and the questions could be highly commercial, and the judges who have been chosen have been chosen for their experience in Maori land law, not in commercial law.’
    • ‘In 1861, US federal land law provided a homesteadable unit of 160 acres.’
    • ‘Planning law, though a comprehensive code imposed in the public interest, is of course based on the land law.’
    • ‘An attempt to overturn the ordinance was made in 1842 with a new ordinance that excluded the need for such reserves, but Queen Victoria declined to give her assent, so the foundation of a unique part of our land law was established.’
    • ‘The territories have not received title to their lands and resources and will not until a new indigenous land law has been applied.’