Meaning of land march in English:

land march


New Zealand
  • the land marchA protest march on the New Zealand parliament to demand an end to the appropriation of Maori land, held in 1975.

    ‘we've got records going back to the 75 land march’
    • ‘A one-hour one-off documentary will focus on the 1975 Land March.’
    • ‘In a 1975 documentary of the land march, she talks of Maori geographical names being supplanted by European names.’
    • ‘We all remember the iconic picture of Dame Whena Cooper starting the first land march with the simple words 'Not one acre more'.’
    • ‘They are backing the one-hour documentary about the 1975 land march.’
    • ‘Every part of Mary McFarlane's Hikoi Iti helped people walk - and are now combined to tell the story of Cooper's historic land march from Northland to Wellington in 1975, ending on the steps of Parliament with 5000 followers.’
    • ‘It can be seen as restoring the historic link between Maori and working class Pakeha expressed by Ratana and the 1975 Land March, in an age when Labour can no longer be seen as a working class party.’
    • ‘Together with the 1975 land march, these moments marked a turning point in New Zealand's history.’
    • ‘Tribute was paid to Dame Whina Cooper, the leader of the 1975 Maori land march, during debate in Parliament today on four Treaty of Waitangi settlements being passed into law - those of northern tribes Te Aupouri, Te Rarawa, Ngati Kuri, and Ngai Takoto.’
    • ‘They have their roots in the Maori activism that arose out of the land marches.’