Meaning of land mass in English:

land mass

Pronunciation /ˈland mas/


  • A continent or other large body of land.

    ‘It contains one fifth the land mass of the entire continental U.S.’
    • ‘The force of a monsoon is driven by the continental land mass being hotter than the surrounding oceans.’
    • ‘This stress was to lead to the break-up of the land mass, first appearing in the vicinity of the South Atlantic and the Indian Ocean.’
    • ‘The area, part of a land mass that once joined Britain to northern Europe, disappeared about 8,000 years ago.’
    • ‘Instead, what is now the Lombardy region and some parts of Switzerland must have been a single land mass by the Jurassic period.’
    • ‘Philip also had a far more compact principality to defend than the sprawling land mass of the Angevin empire in France, which took up in expenditure much of the revenue generated.’
    • ‘Its land mass covers a vast territory in eastern Asia.’
    • ‘She views her work as closely connected to Easter Island, a small land mass with ancient traditions off the shore of Chile.’
    • ‘Apparently Britain had moved a millimetre, it's so weird to contemplate that an earthquake can move a land mass that's so far away.’
    • ‘Alternatively, New Holland and New South Wales might indeed be part of the same land mass, forming a single continent.’
    • ‘If the path of the front took it over the ocean, then its moisture content will be increased but a body of air that travels across a land mass will remain dry.’
    • ‘Scotland's forests grew after the last Ice Age to eventually cover 80% of the land mass.’
    • ‘When they had the rain on, and I saw all this blue stuff coming over the land mass, I thought it was flooding.’
    • ‘With a land mass about the same size as the UK or Japan and a population of just under 4 million people, New Zealand is one of the least crowded places on earth.’
    • ‘When you spread a large population over a large land mass, broadband coverage is a much more expensive endeavor than it is in, say, Britain.’
    • ‘Experts said China, with its large land mass in the north and the west and a coastline stretching thousands of kilometres, was blessed with wind resources.’
    • ‘One land mass, which eventually separated into Africa and South America, drifted south, while another moved north.’
    • ‘Although a small country, with a land mass of 18,919 square miles, Slovakia's topography varies widely.’
    • ‘One consequence of the purchase was that the United States nearly doubled its land mass and became one of the world's largest countries.’
    • ‘The USSR covered a huge land mass and was a police state whose reach extended into every Soviet home as well as various places around the world.’