Meaning of land on one's feet in English:

land on one's feet


(also fall on one's feet)
  • Have good luck or success.

    ‘after some ups and downs he has finally landed on his feet’
    • ‘But no, miss high and mighty, you've landed on your feet and you don't need your old dad any more, that's for sure.’
    • ‘Ranieri has landed on his feet, loved and lauded in two cities.’
    • ‘For starters he left me after I'd supported him for six months of him being unemployed, just as I lost my job and he landed on his feet.’
    • ‘He said his son was a lucky person who always landed on his feet.’
    • ‘Within weeks of her arrival she landed on her feet, securing a job with West Midlands as a bus conductor.’
    • ‘Here's hoping that he and Gretchen and everyone at the show land on their feet - the airwaves will be a lot poorer without them.’
    • ‘But I think, you know, he's got a lot of good years left, and he'll land on his feet.’
    • ‘Luckily for Ollie, and Man City, he has loyal supporters, and somehow always manages to land on his feet.’
    • ‘She's very talented and she's definitely going to land on her feet.’
    • ‘I really fell on my feet: I replied to a flat-share advert and landed myself a double bedroom complete with en-suite bathroom for a very reasonable sum.’