Meaning of land reform in English:

land reform


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mass noun
  • The statutory division of agricultural land and its reallocation to landless people.

    ‘the mild proposals of land reform’
    • ‘land reforms in Taiwan’
    • ‘The question is, how are they to unite the whole people around a programme of land reform instituted only in Caroni?’
    • ‘With promised international backing, a coherent and sustainable programme of land reform could alleviate rural poverty.’
    • ‘It has thus drawn the controversial draft charter on black empowerment in the agricultural sector to try and expedite land reform.’
    • ‘The monarchy was abolished and a programme of land reform inspired by the ICP was carried out, breaking the power of the landowners.’
    • ‘It also challenged the basis of the wage system by calling for land reform and cooperative production.’
    • ‘In the first place, they want a government that can deliver land reform and continued economic restructuring.’
    • ‘They wanted increased spending on social programs, land reform, and higher wages.’
    • ‘The land reform was a political and social success, destroying the colonial landlord class.’
    • ‘The British wanted an excuse to quell a growing movement for self government and land reform.’
    • ‘In effect, single-minded civil servants with their own views on land reform had run rings around their political masters.’
    • ‘And he has instituted a number of programs to redistribute wealth, including land reform.’
    • ‘The masses of people have to be brought through land reform into the process of wealth generation and accumulation.’
    • ‘One of the triggers for land seizure, he believes, was the British government's decision to stop funding land reform.’
    • ‘This has already made the government pay more attention to land reform.’
    • ‘The government has accused white farmers of delaying land reform by demanding exorbitant prices for their property.’
    • ‘In each of these cities protesters demanded jobs, land reform and an end to government corruption.’
    • ‘There is no way back into agriculture for the vast majority of them, even if land reform were to be pursued.’
    • ‘So, for instance, there was need to - there was a need that we need to decentralize land reform.’
    • ‘We will need some radical thought and imagination when debating land reform if we are to make this country somewhere to be proud of for generations to come.’
    • ‘The UK says it will fund land reform if it benefits the poor.’